by Ivan

35mm Photography

October 15, 2014 in Published Works by Ivan


35mm Photography T-Shirt by Visionalfreeman

The first time I set my hand on a 35mm camera to learn photography was a digital SLR. I was not entirely intrigue by the experience until I lay my hand on a 35mm Nikon FM2.

I am not making this a digital vs analogue opinion, rather the experience I had with the FM2.

Working with the FM2 or an analogue camera made me very focus on my subject and keep me on the edge, thinking of the lighting condition and the style I want to capture.

The result after I developed my first roll of negative film was interesting. The sensation between downloading digitally capture photo to the computer and develop a roll of negative film is different. I find that the process of getting the result is more rewarding to me than digital workflow.

In this encroaching popularity of digital products in our society, many of these film manufacturers are out of business. I made this t-shirt design to celebrate the beauty of film photography and bring awareness to the photography community. I hope that there will be enough users to support film production in many years to come.


by Ivan

Stop Drinking Emergency

October 10, 2014 in Published Works by Ivan





Stop Drinking Emergency by Visionalfreeman 

The idea of this design comes to me when I was having a drinking session with my friends. One of us got drunk and somebody mention if only there was push button to prevent such fiasco.

I than got on working on this by combining the element of an emergency button color in red attach with a tag.

by Ivan

Sagittarius Star Constellation – First Concept

October 4, 2014 in Work In Progress by Ivan


This is the first concept of Sagittarius constellation design for t-shirt print.